Earth to Glass - Learn Our Craft

From the moment of conception, we at AsomBroso have dedicated  ourselves to the art of perfection. We live by our philosophy, "It is not what tequila is that makes it special, but what tequila can become".  
By these words, we have sought out to push our passion of this agave spirit further and bring the world the most delicious and enjoyable spirits known.
We began our craft by looking down, to the earth, for our canvas. Red volcanic soil is what we have selected, above the hills to the mountain highlands of Jalisco Mexico. Here we find the habitat most dense with natural minerals and nutrient, followed by generous rain fall; a splendid spot for our premium blue agave plants. 
We wait  9 years of growth before harvest is ready. This is the perfect allotted time for our agave to produce juicy, sugary nectar. To the distillery, we traverse down the road with our primed pinias ( harvested and dressed agave) to be baked. Using our customized autoclave oven, we are able to perfectly cook these pinas until we reach pristine golden brown color that yields a savory yet sweet syrup. We shred each pina one by one to exact this delicious nectar, inspecting each for any imperfections such as burnt marks or blemishes. 
Fermentation is our next step. In small batch vats, we wait five to seven days depending on conditions, rigorously inspecting and testing the process hourly. Once our strict conditions for alcohol content and sugar content have been preciously matched, we prepare for distillation. 
Triple Distillation
By law, distillation must be run twice in order to produce a suitable tequila ready to drink. This is standard that is common place for majority of the brands. However, AsomBroso distills an additional third time to ensure all impurities that would bitter the finished product are expunged. Though this additional run through our copper still does not come cheaply, the results are unparalleled in smoothness and taste. For our Silver Tequila El Platino, this is the last stop before we bottle in hand blown decanters. For our Reposado and Anejos, we now move to barrel aging.
Barrel Aging
Possibly the most stressful, yet rewarding practice in our process, barrel aging is an art form in itself. Objecting the common use of old whisky barrels discarded from american distilleries, we at AsomBroso found that using old cheap barrels  with "no love to give" would never push tequila to "what it could be". Bordeaux France and Napa Valley is were we looked instead. 
For our reposado, we felt the need to experiment. resulting in one of our most popular tequilas of all time. Red wine was a perfect romance for tequila, using wet Bordeaux red wine barrels straight from a premier French winery. The aging process took 3 months to achieve a melody of crisp berry and grape essence along side our signature citric and vanilla finish. This is the birth of our famous La Rosa Reposado.
Extra Anejo
Napa Valley hosts one of the worlds highest quality oak coppers, to which we knew was a perfect match. Purchasing premium new French oak with a mild toast, our El Platino ages beautifully in this sweet, silky, oaky and mild smoke environment.  Anejos typically are aged for little over a year, though this is hardly enough to secure a full body taste of pure satisfaction. This is why we do not create an anejo, but only "extra anejos" which is any tequila aged beyond 3 years. We age for a minimum of 5 years, Gran Reserva Extra Anejo, and up to 11 years, Vintage 11 year, Collaboration, and Del Porto thus far. The ending result is a deliciously caramel, toffee, fennel, oaky and sweet agave flavor that we consider the nectar of the gods.