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"El Carbonzado" - 6-Year Aged Extra Añejo

"El Carbonzado" - 6-Year Aged Extra Añejo

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Our El Carbonzado Extra Añejo Reserva is aged for six years in a combination of new French oak and Irish Whiskey barrels. We masterfully blend these tequilas to create a luxurious


40% 80 Proof 750ml 

A First of its kind, El Carbonzado is a testament to legendary taste, superior smoothness, and handmade traditional craft. Using 100% premium Blue Weber Agave, we age our Blanco tequila in new French oak barrels for five years, enriching this tequila with toffee, and oak notes while clarifying this juice to a succulent, smooth finish.

We then do the unthinkable and double barrel rest this liquid gold in premium medium char American oak casks previously used to house one of the highest Rated Irish Whiskies.

The results from this whisky barrel adds, a beautiful bounty of sweet cream, herb and, spice while enhancing a subtle smoky and savory oak. The taste is smooth yet unbelievably unique, pleasing both tequila and whisky drinkers alike. 

Taste Profile

With its rich dark brown color, El Carbonzado has taken the tequila world to the cognac/Armagnac status of the spirits spectrum. Palate entry has a deep smoky taste, and mid-palate brings out intense caramel vanilla flavors with a smooth, silky finish.

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